Limited resources are shifting renewable energy technologies to the heart of future energy supplies. These techniques can be ideally and clearly demonstrated using our educational systems.

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Our educational systems in the field of ENERGY deal with the basic principles and practical aspects of "traditional" renewable energies, and their combined use. 

Solar Energy

The sun is a virtually inexhaustible source of energy. The use of solar energy is therefore an indispensable component of modern energy concepts.

Solar energy can be exploited in many ways. Photovoltaics directly converts the energy into electricity. Where solar energy is converted into heat instead, it is called solar thermal energy.

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One of the biggest challenges is maintaining a clean environment. There are a number of techniques available to reduce the amount of contaminants getting into the environment. Our educational systems make it possible to learn these techniques in a clear and practical manner.

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2E provides you with the complete product range for the field of Environment. Experts distinguish between the following areas:

2E has developed an extensive range of products for training in these areas. Our educational concept is ideally adapted to the typical curricula of vocational schools and universities in the field of environmental engineering.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is of central importance in the environment training area. Different processes are used here, depending on the task at hand. Waste water is treated in waste water treatment plants and subsequently discharged back into watercourses. The most commonly used method here is the activated sludge process. This method can be taught in a practical manner with CE 705.

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